About Us

The story of Billebeino


“I was playing professional hockey, for the Sabres in Buffalo, I was injured a great deal, and the games didn’t go well with a lot of disappointments. I wanted to find ways to get my mind out of hockey and all the stress.

During the physical rehab process led me to try painting, I really enjoyed it. It was great therapy for me, a way for me to get out of daily distress.

I started using this one image as a signature. One day my friend Juhani Putkonen (later co- founder) came to visit me in Buffalo, he was mesmerized by my signature image that appeared in every painting I had made.

We decided that we should do something more with it. After we tossed ideas around for a while, we decided to start a clothing line called Billebeino and use my signature as the logo”.

We called it BRICK logo.

– Ville Leino


Billebeino collections are responsibility made. 40% of our garments are made of Pure Waste fabrics and are 100% recycled materials. 

Since 2015 we have saved over 865 million liters of water with 100% recycled Billebeino products.