We have high requirements for materials that we use in our collections. As much as we are born from arts and inspired by sports on designing, we are inspired by high quality materials that will last from the season to season. Matching your previous season clothes to the new collections, you will easily find a new partner for them. 

To compliment our existing materials we are continuously sourcing for new lasting and sustainable qualities. We believe in designing high quality products made for long-term usage carefully considered materials and techniques. 

Throughout the design process

In our pursuit of excellence, we consistently explore and integrate new, enduring, and sustainable qualities to complement our existing materials. Our commitment lies in the creation of high-quality products, crafted for long-term use, through thoughtful materials and techniques. We firmly believe in producing items that not only stand the test of time but also elevate the concept of enduring style.


Our aim is to make our products the highest quality possible. However, everything doesn't always go as planned. What comes to our end-of-life textiles, we collaborate with Rester. Rester is a Finnish company which offers textile recycling solutions enabling recycling of textiles into new fibers and raw materials.



Our clothing production is mainly located in Europe and Eurasia, encompassing countries like Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, and Lithuania. This is more than a location—it's about ensuring the right working conditions for our dedicated workers and enhancing the quality of our products.

By having our manufacturing closer to home, we are reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that every Billebeino piece is crafted with care and compassion.

As we stand by our commitment to responsible manufacturing, this allows us to meticulously craft small quantities of products with the enduring quality that resonates from season to season. Our trusted manufacturers, whom we visit multiple times per year, share our vision for excellence. Their dedication is backed by certifications like BSCI or Sedex, that we wholeheartedly endorse.